Carbless and content.

The weight debate is everywhere and offensive and flattering terms alike are being thrown around like they don’t have the power to make or break a person. Skinny girls are dying for curves while the curvy girls are starving for collar bones. It’s a war, girls, and we are all a part of it.

Every diet, every ignored craving, every late night when you ate the entire tub of ice-cream because you had a bad day – it’s all part of the fight for perfection. My opinion? Screw it.

Eat right and work-out because you love your body, NOT because you hate your body. I am currently on mission to go carbless and teach my body to once again grow accustomed to using fat as an energy source and thus use excess fat for fuel as a way of burning fat. Where your body now uses the glucose in all things carbs as energy and saving the abundance as fat, this protein and fat diet re-calibrates your body to run on the fat in food (and the bit stored in your thighs) and use the protein for muscle maintenance.Of course, every individual’s dietary needs differ as we all have different goals. For instance, after resistance training or a strenuous workout, your muscles need the glucose in carbs to recover and grow.  But as a young woman with the goal of losing some body fat and toning, not growing, muscles – I firmly believe that you seldomly, if ever, need any extra carbs in your diet in addition to the carbs we get from eating veggies and the sugar found in the fruits we occasionally eat. I love this lifestyle as it allows me to keep eating the things I love – Meat and cheese and full-cream milk, creamy casseroles and endless green veggies while abstaining from everything that makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable – fizzy drinks, oily chips, processed grains such as white bread and heavy pastas that make you so full that you can’t move.

Going carbless is hard – especially when you’re used to living on noodles and cheese burgers on an almost non-existent budget. My solution is to just eat less of whatever carbohydrates are part of the meal, and more of the fatty protein. I eat my burger patties with cheese and a fried egg on top, minus the bun. I load up on veggies and salad and avoid the chips and potatoes. I avoid snacking on sugary fruits and eat cheese cubes and boiled eggs in-between meals. I pre-cook things like chicken pieces, meatballs and eggs to ensure that I always have some sort of protein to munch on when I feel like reaching for the cream-doughnuts. Make sure you always have a cold bottle of water to wash it all down with, and you’re golden.

I’m not a dietitian nor a doctor and I’m sure there are many people who would disagree with me, but this is the lifestyle that I find suits my personal needs and tastes, keeps me at my goal weight and feeling great!

I wake up every morning full of energy and 100% content with what I see in the mirror (curves, love-handles and booty included) and if I could inspire just one other girl to feel this way – I would have reached another goal.

(Visit for lists of which foods are great for this lifestyle and which should be avoided. Also search Banting diet for more information about the science behind this theory and why it works.) 


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